Recruitment procedure

(1). Recruitment diagram


(2). Recruitment procedure

• General requirements:

Candidates applied to staff level position: University Degree and English/Japanese are required.
Candidates applied to operators: High school Graduated.

• Application dossiers (within latest 6 months) including:

Application dossiers to staff level:

1. Copy of degree, academic transcript and other certificates (if any)

2. Application form in English/Japanese & Vietnamese (Download here)

3. Cover letter in English/Japanese & Vietnamese

4. CV in Vietnamese was confirmed by local authority

5. Personnel confirmation by local authority

6. Copy of certificate of birth

7. Health check certificate

8. Copy of ID card

9. Copy of certificate of baby’s birth

10. Copy of driving license

11. Certificate of at least 1 dose of Covid-19 vaccination (copy)

Application dossiers to operator level:

1. Graduation Certificate of High School

2. Application form Download here

3. CV in Vietnamese was confirmed by local authority

4. Personnel confirmation by local authority

5. Copy of certificate of birth

6. Health check certificate

7. Copy of ID card

8. Copy of certificate of baby’s birth

9. Copy of driving license

10. Certificate of at least 1 dose of Covid-19 vaccination (copy)

• How to submit the application dossiers:

1. Submit application documents directly at the gate of SD Vietnam.

2. Submit application files through email:


– CV in English/Japanese and Vietnamese

– Degree, academic transcript (scan)

3. Submit application files through post office:

Administration and Human Recourses Section – SD Vietnam Industries Ltd.
Plot H2a – Thang Long Industrial Park – Dong Anh District – Hanoi
Tel: +84 (0) 24 3881 1184 (Ext 125, 124, 121)
Mobile phone: +84 (0) 943 685 920

• Inform recruitment schedule:

Paper test and interview schedule will be informed to candidates who meet requirements by telephone including:

– Time

– Place

– Others

• Forms of recruitment (In the date of writing test and interview, candidates are required to bring ID card and a pens):
Writing test:

– Writing test: for operators

– Writing test for specialized subjects related to Electric-Electronics or Mechanical: For maintenance workers, technical workers.

– Writing test for Japanese/English translation: For Interpreter

Interview: Online/ Offline (depending on the time of recruitment)

– The language used in the interview:

Japanese or English: For staff level positions

Vietnamese: For operators

– The number of interviews depends on each specialized position.

– Company will phone directly or send email to each candidate to inform the test and interview results.

Popular Questions:

1. Where is the recruitment information of SD Vietnam posted?

SDV recruitment information is posted on:

– SDV homepage, recruitment platform:

– Posted at gates of SDV and industrial zone.

2. Is it possible for candidates who have already applied for SDV but not passed to register for the 2nd application?

SDV do not limit the times of application from candidates but the period between 2 consecutive application must be at least 3 months.

3. When joining the writing test, is it compulsory to submit full application dossiers?

HR staff will check candidates’ application in day of interview, candidates must complete application files and submit to us in 2nd Interview and health check date.

(3). Recruitment form

Download recruitment form – Vietnamese

Download recruitment form – English

Download recruitment form – Japanese