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My name is Sugimoto – General Director of SD Vietnam.

Thank you very much for visiting our website.
We would like to introduce our main products, policy, philosophy and slogan.

Our main products are wire harnesses. Wire harnesses are the internal connecting wires for the electrical devices, therefore, they could be considered as “Human nerves”. We hardly see them from outside of the devices, however they exist a lot in our life.

Our company policy is “Aim for Customer satisfaction No. 1!”.
Our company, under the direct supervision of a Japanese Trading Company, manufactures wire harness in Vietnam. That’s why we have a special role along with such a relation. We believe that responding positively to customers’ requests such as “Product variety”, “Small volume”, “Short lead time”, “Changes” shall reach to “Customer satisfaction No. 1!”.

Our company philosophy is “Man creats Quality”.
Because our wire harnesses are mainly made by hands, the high quality products are manufactured based on the reliable relationship among all employees. We try to build up the company where all employee could have good jobs.

Finally, let me introduce our slogan which is announced in our monthly morning meeting. Our slogan is “Come to work with energy, come back home with smiles”. We create the working environment that employees come to with their full energies and after work they come back their families with cheerful smiles.

SD Vietnam is looking forward to your support and cooperation.

Picture of staffs SD Viet Nam