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Hello everyone.

My name is Nambu – General Director of SD Vietnam Industries Ltd.,

I would like to briefly introduce about “main products”, “company policy”, “philosophy”, “action slogan” of our company.

Our main product is “wire harness”. This is an assembly of parts assembled with wires that transmit electricity from electrical equipment, terminals and connectors that connect and transmit that electricity to the surrounding environment.

Wire harness could be considered as “human nerves”, which serves very important function but rarely be seen in the public.

Our company policy is “Aim for Customer satisfaction No. 1!”

We are always striving to get “No. 1 in customer satisfaction” by making full use and developing our strengths as “high quality”, “ability to respond to new products”, “variety product”, “small lots” and “ability to respond to production fluctuations”.

Our philosophy is “Human creates quality”.

Most of the manufacturing process for wire harnesses is made by hand, so high-quality products are created based on the skill of each individual and the relationships of trust between people.

We are treasure company culture which allow each employee to play an active role and people-friendly.

Our action slogan is “bright, energetic, hardworking”.

We aim to create a work environment where everyone can enjoy a safe, cheerful and healthy work environment every day.

SD Vietnam is looking forward to your cooperation and support.

Picture of staffs SD Viet Nam